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“While working with Kristen for years, I have seen her compassion and integrity first-hand. Kristen brings these essential qualities to the bench.”

-Representative Jessica Farrar

“As a current elected official, I am happy to support Kristen Hawkins as she runs to become the next Judge of the 11th Civil District Court. We need strong candidates up and down the ballot in November, and I have zero doubt that Kristen will make the people of Harris County proud when elected to office.”

–Representative Armando Walle

I have always been committed to supporting and helping to elect candidates that hold my beliefs  to be true. If elected, Kristen Hawkins will make an excellent Judge because her personal qualities and perseverance are exactly what is needed at the courthouse.”

–Zeph Capo, HCC Board Trustee

“It is my pleasure to lend my name and my support to an Alief grad and candidate for Judge, Kristen Hawkins. I know Kristen to be a straightforward and fair person that exhibits the qualities and temperament the people of Harris County need in the courthouse. Kristen Hawkins is the right choice for the 11th District Civil Court.”

-Rick Moreno, Alief ISD School Board Trustee, EMT, Paramedic

“I am pleased to announce my support for Kristen’s campaign for Judge in the 11th District Court! Fair. Honest. Concern. Commitment to an impartial system of justice. That’s why I urge you to give Kristen Hawkins your vote!”

-Bishop James Dixon

“I wanted to take a moment to share my experiences practicing before Judge Kristen Hawkins. I’ve been practicing law in front of Judge Hawkins for over 5 years. I’ve been before her on dozens of cases. She is prompt, courteous and professional. Her temperament is something that judges should strive for on the bench. She knows the law inside and out and she always is fair to both sides. It is a pleasure to practice before her because you always know what you are walking in to. These days, too many judges turn their court rooms into uncomfortable places that put lawyers on edge. Judge Hawkins maintains a professional, yet welcoming environment for attorneys and their clients alike. She has a wonderful staff that is a direct reflection of her leadership. If elected judge of the 11th Judicial District Court, I am confident that she will continue to run her courtroom in the same ways that she always has.”

-Steve Shellist

“During my 29 years as a lawyer practicing in Harris County, Texas, I have stood before many judges on behalf of clients. Judge Kristen Hawkins, as one of these judges, has proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable on the law as well as attune to the fact situations of the people who plead their cases in her court. Judge Hawkins runs her court with efficiency in case rulings balanced with protecting the rights of the parties before her. Judge Hawkins treats everyone who enters her courtroom with dignity whether that person is a lawyer, party, or a person who represents him or herself. Judge Hawkins is a leader who inspires professionalism through a rare combination of astute ability and kindness in her decision-making work as a Judge. It is with great admiration that I recommend Judge Kristen Hawkins for Judge of the 11th Judicial District of Harris County, Texas.”

-Nancy G. Pofahl

“For anyone who has never been inside a courtroom, one of the most important attributes that any individual can hope for going into a courtroom is to have a judge with a judicial temperament. Although one would expect every judge to have such an attribute, it is not a quality that every judge on the bench possesses. Having been in Judge Hawkins’ courtroom on a regular basis in my years of practicing law in Harris County, Texas, I have witnessed first-hand what it means for a judge to have such an attribute.

On the numerous occasions that I have appeared before her, I have always observed her to exhibit signs of respect and courtesy towards counsels and pro se parties. Her compassion for justice can be felt by her genuine concern for the rights of all parties involved as she is always prepared for the cases that she is presiding over and is decisive when a ruling is required. And despite judicial efficiency being a concern for all judges, Judge Hawkins has never compromised the importance of justice to achieve judicial efficiency as she has always been patient to hear what the parties involved have to say, whether represented by counsel or not. For the above mentioned reasons, Judge Hawkins’ judicial temperament makes her an ideal judge.”

-Kathy Cheng

“I have had many cases heard by Judge Hawkins in the Tax Court. Each time I am in court I am impressed with the efficiency of the courtroom. Judge Hawkins not only moves the docket, but also gives each and every case her undivided attention. She knows what questions to ask to resolve disputes and create judicial efficiency. Judge Hawkins is decisive and strong yet courteous and considerate. She treats attorneys and pro se litigants with the utmost respect while still making the tough rulings. She’s a wonderful balance of strong and just. It is a pleasure to work in her court.”

-Jennifer A. Smith

“In my experience before Judge Kristen Hawkins, I have found her to be evenhanded with attorneys, parties, and pro se litigants, treating everyone with courtesy and respect. Kristen Hawkins is the model of efficiency and professionalism that we all expect from the judiciary.”

-Angela D. Johnson

“Judge Hawkins is smart, fair and strives for justice. She is very professional when interacting with attorneys both on and off the bench, she also assures that pro se defendants understand the situations they are in and assures them that they are being treated with fairness. Her court runs with effectiveness and efficiency, making sure no time is unduly wasted.”